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michael kors Dress like a Rock Star on a Shoe String Budget

Dress like a Rock Star on a Shoe String Budget
First find your own style, regardless of lululemon australia what's in currently or out right now. Make sure you know what looks good on your body size and type. Get a color analysis at least once cheap toms shoes in your life toms wedges or just start asking your friends and family what colors look best on me. Go to stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and window shop, next go to stores like H and just browse, take notes or pics with your cell phone. If you are working ten hour days and don't have time just breeze through their websites. Subscribe to the Zoe Report, by Rachael Zoe celebrity stylist to the stars. Read W, Women's Wear Dailey, Vogue, and several different fashion magazines just to see what's in style. For instance if you know you want a pair of black Tory Burch Pumps but don't have $300 to add them to your wardrobe, by a used or new pair on ebay for $100.00. Maxx, Marshall's, SteinMart, and Ross for great deals. Steer clear of the Mall unless you are hitting an end of season sale, with final clearance and markdowns. You can buy a garment michael kors sunglasses or shoe and put it up for next year. michael kors bag The "shoe boot" has now made it through two fashion seasons and last year I hit an louis vuitton bags end of season sale and purchased some Carlos Santana shoe boots for under $20.00. Start learning what brands that you really love, which ones hold up well in the wash etc. and how they fit. A few years ago I really wanted a Hermes Birkin Bag. They start between $6,000-$50,000 a bag. Now even if I had this much cash just lying around I am way too thrifty to make this purchase. So I found the highest quality leather look alike bag I could. I found this while on vacation in Italy and I purchased it. For awhile women stopped me in shops michaelkorsstoreinuk.webs and on the street and said, "is that a Birkin?" Sometimes "OMG, is that a Birkin?". I have done the same over the years with the Marc Jacobs iconic bag, the chanel quilted purse and now I am in search of the perfect Michael Kors python bag. The most important thing in dressing well again is to find your own style, be comfortable with your clothing and yourself and do a little research
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